Gotta Eat! contains food musings and recipes with a focus on *mostly* healthy ideas. (Sometimes, however, one must also eat chocolate and cheese.)

Author: Heather Brubaker is a food aficionado with a passion for eating fresh, nutritious food straight from the garden whenever possible. After relocating to San Rafael in Marin County from San Francisco, Heather has enjoyed watching a bounty of vegetables rapidly grow thanks to the mild and sunny climate. Most days she can be found talking to her tomato plants in her back yard garden.

As her dear father always says, Gotta Eat!






Other occasional contributors:
-Lauren Knochelmann in SF, who also has her own marvelous food blog, Knoch Knoch.
-Emily Drake in Seattle, -E-bo (aka. drakesonaplane)
-Marie-Claire Meisels in Brooklyn, -MC (aka. mcinbrooklyn)

2 responses to “About

  1. What a lovely idea!

  2. Hi Heather, Nancy & Richard Brubaker go to church with us and raved about your blog! :) It is excellent and it’ll be a treat to follow you. my little (& new!) company is Pairing to Perfection. Would love to have you follow P2P if you like.
    May I link to your website? Would like to mention both your lamb stew & arugula salad posts this evening.
    thanks much,
    Barbara Claire Pitcher
    Pairing to Perfection

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